Electro Faux

Dear M, Heya Mezzy, a little nagging voice in the back of my head is making more sense than I’d like right now and I could use some reassurance that they’re full of shit because I don’t want to get dragged down their paranoid rabbit hole right now... unless of course they are right. In... Continue Reading →


When Old Wounds Are Opened By Ghosts

Dear M, You know those days where life feels like a movie? Some say that's dissociation, some say delusion, others like me, perhaps it's just Tuesday. The world hasn't been real for a long, long time. I'm dissociating right now, I suppose that's what they'd call it, the world is disconnected from me, my fingers... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on us

Dear M, Funny, for all the black and white thinking I do I find myself living in an awful lot of grey area. Conflicting opinions from external and internal sources regarding most aspects of my life. Perhaps the black and white all or nothing response I gravitate towards is an internal representation of the struggle... Continue Reading →


Dear M, It feels like a story, a lie, something make believe, and while to some degree it must be, any possible explanation of what may have actually occurred is far more frightening to the adult mind than the fictional reasoning we can tell ourselves as children. The things we can't explain, the things we... Continue Reading →

Broken Glass

I remember feeling the desperation, the fear and the desire for it to just end. My mind was broken glass, the whole word became visually fragmented and an echo chamber of half thought and tangents rang in my ears, it was difficult to tell if it was all inside me bursting out or all around... Continue Reading →


Dear M My head hurts. I’m not sure what’s real or not, nighttime is the worst I’m not feeling in control at all, the part of me that lives in fear keeps hallucinating, she’s paranoid and she’s projecting it onto me really hard, trying to push her away is really difficult, more so when I’m... Continue Reading →


Dear M, This is too hard. I'm drowning right now and it's all because of stupid thoughts, feelings, beliefs circulating endlessly around my head. I don't know what to think, I don't know what feelings are real, which are mine which are figments of my fucking imagination, it's so confusing, it's so loud and I... Continue Reading →


The kids were fighting this morning and 15 suddenly grabbed 10 loosely by her throat and we flipped out, we can't handle necks being touched at the best of times but particularly in anger, it's a big trigger for us. We absolutely lost it at him, I'm not entirely sure what happened but we pushed... Continue Reading →


Dear M, I’m so fucking livid right now. I don’t know what to do or think or feel or where to get this shit out of my head. Apparently anything is fair game now, looks like all bets are off so fuck it I’m writing to you to help myself, maybe venting will let me... Continue Reading →

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