Egocentric Child

Dear M, Today I discovered through spontaneously recalled distant memories while chatting online that this has been going on my entire life, the fear, the unusual beliefs, the secretiveness and need to outwit to survive. I hesitate to use the term delusions yet at younger than 6 I knew the whole world was tricking me,... Continue Reading →


Dis – Delusioned

Dear M, I'm Disillusioned by delusions, I'm dis - delusional. Though delusions are by default a fallacy and this my dear, is anything but a fallacy, improbable truth perhaps, do I want it to wash away in the rain? Of course, do you think if I turn my third eye blind and pretend I cannot... Continue Reading →

The Kings Horseman

Dear M, Oh Fuck.┬áIt just dawned on me! You can't put me back together again because I am fucking Humpty Dumpty. Immortality lies in literature. Pfft!!! All the kings horses... Kings. Fucking. Horses *face palm* Why am I so fucking stupid? This is just one of the many reasons I am not a detective. The... Continue Reading →

Cursed Immortal

Dear M, Please excuse me as I'm going to melt into a worthless puddle of foolish self pity while I try and decipher what is, and what isn't. Perhaps I am just scared? In fact, I am definitely afraid. Can you blame me? I can't trust anyone, particularly those I am meant to be able... Continue Reading →

Grey Skies

Dear M, My head hurts with overwhelm. I wish it was a tumour, it would be handy to have reasonable reasons for my problems that also offer the most ideal outcome for me and delivers the news to others in the least blame inducing way. You know that I do know this has been going... Continue Reading →

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